Welcome To The Machine team up with SLAM Magazine! August 2017
WTTM will be attached to SLAM Magazine, one of the most important Rock Magazines in the german speaking Area, with a Total Circulation of approximately 30.000!

Summer/Autumn Festivals in Europe! August 2015
WTTM will be shown @ the Frequency Festival in Lower Austria, and it will celebrate it´s UK-Premiere at the Fieldview Festival in England!

Welcome To The Machine in SE-Asia! Spring 2015
WTTM will be shown at the Hanoi Rock City as part of the Hanoi DocLab on 19.1.2015, at the Decibel Lounge in Saigon at the 11.2.2015, and at the Friese-Greene Club in Bangkok on the 9.3.2015 as an exclusive Thai-Premiere. Asia Rocks!

Music Festivals! June 2014
WTTM will be shown @ one the biggest Musicfestivals in Middle-Europe! At the Donauinselfest in Vienna!

VOD! April 12th, 2014
Welcome To the Machine is now avaiable for Download & Streaming on Reelhouse.

Festival Anniversary! December 16th, 2013
We celebrate our 10th Festivalscreening at the Snowdance Film Festival in Landsberg near Munich.
We will be also in the Competition of the 1. Snowdance-Filmfestival Award!

North America, You get it! November 1st, 2013
Exclusive for North-Americans, You can purchase the DVD, just check out the Purchase Section where you can buy it! Welcome To The Machine is also now for VOD avaiable!

Festivals! Festivals! Festivals! September 2013
WTTM will be shown @ the Soundtrack Cologne in Köln, Germany, @ the Exground Filmfest in Wiesbaden, Germany, and at the Berlin Music Week!

Critics August 20th, 2013
Check out this amazing Review from Beyond the Realm on Youtube. Definitely worth watching!

Hello Africa! June 27th, 2013
WTTM will be shown @ the Lusaka International Film and Music Festival in Sambia, Africa on the 4th of September at 16.00

More Festivals! June 8th, 2013
WTTM will be shown @ the legendary Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg incl. a panel discussion, and @ the Digital / Analog Festival in München, Germany.

Cinema! June 2nd, 2013
The official Cinema-Start will be @ the Top Kino in Vienna, Austria, from 27. September till 10th of October! We are working on more Cinemas and more Countries.

More Festivals! April 12th, 2013
WTTM will be shown @ the Poolinale Festival in Vienna, Austria, and @ the Unerhört Filmfest in Hamburg, Germany!

Festivals February 22nd, 2013
The first festival is confirmed! "Notes On Music Festival" in Nürnberg, Germany, will present two Screenings on Sa., 27th of April @ Filmhaus at Künstlerhaus.

Finished! February 1st, 2013
Every Translation is finished now, we´re proud to present you a English, German, French and Serbo-Croatian Version!

Trailer December 1st, 2012
The official Trailer was released today and can be watched on Youtube.
You can also like our facebook-site facebook.com/welcomeTTmachine for recent updates.

Festivals October 1st, 2012
The first festival submissions are done. Keep your fingers crossed!

Finished! September 1st, 2012
We are very proud to announce that we finally finished the 5.1 audio mixture and the picture editing today!
The First copys have been sent to film-festivals worldwide. Stay tuned!

Website online july 24th, 2012
The official website welcometothemachine.at is online today!

New Distributor July 1st, 2012
We like to welcome East West Distribution as our new worldwide Distribution Company.